Samsung Galaxy S23 June update: How the camera improves with this latest firmware

Samsung introduced the June 2023 update to its Galaxy S23 device very late this time. The reason behind the delay was its uniqueness. In this update, the company has introduced many new features and improvements for the camera. Let’s check out what it carries.

Samsung Galaxy S23 June update

At first glance, it looks like a regular monthly update, and it also didn’t come with any different changelog, but after installing it, you will get several camera-related functions such as:

2X Portrait Zoom: Previously, the Galaxy S23 device users only got two Zoom options in the portrait mode, including 1X and 3X, but after installing the new update the a 2X option is also added.

New Gallery function: with the latest update, a new delete function is added in the Gallery app, which allows you to delete multiple moving photos at the same time.

Several functions improved: The latest update also improved several functions, including HDR functionality and low light preview. The sharpness of ultrawide super steady video and the color accuracy of sly photos.

These changes will remain exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series models and will not be implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra either.

There are also some new features coming on the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, and all folding models (except the first Samsung Galaxy Fold): we are referring to the ability to delete multiple photos in motion at the same time in the Gallery app and the improvement of the Photo Remaster tool.

The June 2023 security update for Galaxy S23 is already live in several countries, including the USACanada, Asia, and many European countries. However, there are still some regions remaining where the update doesn’t reach till now, such as Australia. But as we have entered July, it is highly expected that the update will be available in the next few days. 

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