Samsung confirms it is working on dust resistance its upcoming foldables

Recently in the unpacked event, Samsung introduced its new foldable flagship devices, including Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. The company has introduced many new features for the devices, which make a proper upgrade. However, for safety purposes, the company is still giving the IPX8-certified devices, which are continuing from the third-generation foldable. But soon, it will upgrade and bring the dust-resistant capability to the new Samsung Galaxy foldable.

As per the current certification of IPX8 rating, the Galaxy Foldables are very protected against water, but they lack dustproof capability. However, with the latest generation of foldable, Samsung has introduced a new, improved hinge called flex hinge. It is now way more secure than its predecessor. The newly designed hinge will help not to leave any gap between screens, so it adds extra security for them.

Samsung will introduce dust resistance in foldable as per consumer demand.

As per the report covered by BizWatch, the Samsung MX chief TM Roh stated that Samsung is trying to introduce dust resistance for the foldable phones, but due to several moving parts, it will take time to do perfectly based on consumer demand. The company will introduce it to the foldable soon.

Samsung President’s exact words, “We are well aware of consumer demand for dust proofing, and we are making various efforts to achieve this, but due to the nature of foldables, there are many moving parts, so dust proofing is difficult.” He further said that consumers need to “wait a little longer” to get foldable phones with dust resistance, noting that earlier foldable phones didn’t even have a water resistance rating.

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