Samsung’s software update lead puts pressure on competitors

Samsung has always been at the top, not only for the products they manufacture but also for the security updates they provide. Offering four years of Android OS updates and five years of security updates to mid-range and premium smartphones is not every manufacturer’s cup of tea. Now it seems we have a new member in the race to offer software policies; it’s none other than the Chinese brand Xiaomi. It’s not something to be surprised about, as the firm teased last month that the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition will receive five years of security patches in addition to four Android OS updates.

This is to note that the model was the recently released one from the firm, but they want to increase the number of models receiving this same set of policies. The tweet from Daniel Desjarlais, who is the Director of Communications at Xiaomi, hints that the business may implement the same update procedure for its next devices; at the very least, we can expect it for mid-range and high-end models. The same update procedure will apply to the Xiaomi 13T and the Xiaomi 13T Pro. These models will be the firm’s most recent flagship smartphones.

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Since it has extended this far, we can expect it to reach parity with other models too. Every manufacturer seems to follow this trend, as OnePlus and OPPO have revealed that they have plans for four Android OS update policies.

Google is also in the race to offer software policies

On existing Tensor-powered devices, Google advertises 5 years of Pixel updates, and the Pixel 6 will get two more years of monthly security patches. The Pixel 6 was the one that introduced three years of significant Android OS version upgrades and an extra two for security fixes, but that’s still not close to the iPhone’s lifetime. However, Google aspires to alter that with notably more OS upgrades for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Starting next month, these two models of the Pixel smartphone will receive more Android OS updates, according to reports from the source 9to5Google. It was also added that Google may at any time surpass Samsung with its existing software updates.

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