Samsung One UI 6.0 and Android 14 rolled out for these Galaxy devices

Samsung has performed outstandingly in terms of expanding the One UI 6.0 update to its Galaxy devices. The company has started rolling out the stable update to its Galaxy devices immediately after Google made Android 14 live for its Pixel devices. Initially, the company rolled out the update to the most popular device, the Galaxy S23 series.

In the first phase, the company focused on serving the One UI 6.0 update to that device that is enrolled in the beta program, and then they expanded it to non-beta users. In the second phase, the company mainly expanded the update to more countries for the flagship devices.

Samsung One UI 6.1 Expected Sequential Rollout for Select Galaxy Devices

After the second phase, the company has almost rolled out the update to every popular device in most countries, but there are still some more devices left out that will receive updates in the next couple of months.

If we talk about the exact dates for the availability of One UI 6 on all Galaxy devices, recently the company released an official timeline of One UI for Indian users, where it concluded that the One UI 6 update rollout will be completed in the first quarter of next year.

For starters, the One UI 6 update is the latest software iteration for Galaxy devices. It is basically a skin upgrade that is based on Android 14, which means users who own the compatible device will get the benefits of several new features of Android 14 as well as the latest addition from Samsung. If you want to get full information about One UI 6, then you can check out our dedicated article.

One UI 6.0 and Android 14 Update Availability

Galaxy S series

  • Galaxy S23
  • Galaxy S23+
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22+
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21+
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy S21 FE

Android 14-based One UI 6.0 won’t available for Galaxy S20 Series and Galaxy S20 FE.

Galaxy Z series

  • Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung has already released the three major OS updates for Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Flip 5G. However, they won’t be eligible for the Android 14 and One UI 6.0 updates.

Galaxy A series

  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A24
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A13
  • Galaxy A73
  • Galaxy A72
  • Galaxy A53
  • Galaxy A33
  • Galaxy A23
  • Galaxy A13
  • Galaxy A52
  • Galaxy A52 5G
  • Galaxy A52s

Galaxy M series

  • Galaxy M54
  • Galaxy M34
  • Galaxy M14
  • Galaxy M13
  • Galaxy M53
  • Galaxy M33
  • Galaxy M23

Galaxy F series

  • Galaxy F54
  • Galaxy F34
  • Galaxy F14
  • Galaxy F23

Galaxy Tab series

  • Galaxy Tab S9
  • Galaxy Tab S9+
  • Galaxy S9 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab S9 FE
  • Galaxy Tab S9 FE+
  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8+
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro
  • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022)

Galaxy Rugged Series

  • Galaxy XCover 6 Pro

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