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One UI 6.0

One UI 6.0 Update: Here’s New Features & Changes for Galaxy Smartphone



We’ve been getting a closer look at One UI 6.0, which is based on Android 14, thanks to the beta versions that have been available in recent weeks. We’ve tried these betas on various Samsung models, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Foldables, and mid-range models like the Galaxy A54, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A34. During the 2023 Samsung Developer Conference, the company officially introduced the new operating system, but they didn’t reveal when it would be released to the public.

The early version of One UI 6.0 with Android 14 is still being tested, and Google has released the finale stable version for Pixels with Pixel 8 series. And the One UI 6.0 beta program started in August in the United States, South Korea, Germany, China, Poland, the United Kingdom, and India for Galaxy S23 Series.

Download & Install One UI 6.0 Beta Update [Any Country]

The Samsung One UI 6 is getting some cool new stuff along with the regular Android 14 updates. It’s going to have a new font and easier-to-read icon labels. They’re also adding some new widgets, like a widget that shows you weather info and another one that lets you quickly use your favorite camera settings. it also including the lock screen, Home screen, Notification panel, Text font, Multitasking, Keyboard, sharing, Weather app, Calendar, camera, and Gallery.

Android 14-based One UI 6 Beta Features

Camera: In the camera app department, Samsung has introduced some new features, including auto FPS options and improved scanning. It is also more optimized. To provide more customizability, the company has introduced a new custom camera widget.

Gallery: Now we can save stickers created from images; now recognition and the experience for sliding content are improved; the photo editor adds functionalities, like now you can undo and redo; and it also improves its own interface.

Reminder: It allows you to create categories of calendars and permanent reminders.

Weather app: The app has now got new things like a new widget, improved illustrations, and interactive maps.

Keyboard: Samsung has introduced a newly designed set of emojis.

Multitasking: Now you can keep open pop-up windows more easily.

Notification panel: It is now quicker to access the full panel immediately, and along with this, the design of notifications is also improved.

Home Screen: The name of apps will now appear in a single line; to do so, the company will remove the name Samsung from these apps.

Lock Screen: Now it will have the functionality to automatically change the wallpapers according to the mode; for example, if the phone is in sleep mode, then it automatically puts the preset wallpaper that we have chosen.

It is important to note that all the features mentioned above are described in the official changelog that appears on the Galaxy S23. As it was the first beta update, it is possible that it has lacked many features, so to get the actual idea of One UI 6, we have to wait for the stable update.

How can you join the One UI 6.0 beta program

In case you follow us from one of the aforementioned countries in which the program is available, please know that to join you must switch to the Samsung Members app. If you are already part of the beta testing, you can upgrade to beta version by going through the system settings, following “Settings > Software Update > Download and Install“.

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Galaxy Z Flip 6 has Desktop Mode similar to Samsung DeX



samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is one of the most appreciative features of Galaxy devices, which allows users to take advantage of several applications on the desktop directly through their connected smartphone. However, the availability of the feature is limited to some devices.

In simple words, the application is available for flagship devices, but the feature was still absent from the Flip lineup. With the latest Galaxy Z Flip 6, Samsung has introduced desktop mode for the devices, But it’s not similar to the Samsung DeX.

According to the information, the Desktop mode allows users to easily connect the smartphone to an external monitor or TV, so it can benefit from a desktop system that can be used with all the applications on our phone.

Samsung DeX to be available on the Galaxy Z Flip 6

However, it is currently spotted by Android Authority, which claims it. The feature is hidden under the One UI 6.1.1 settings, and to enable it, the developer has to force desktop mode on. According to the screenshot shared, it lacks some features like Taskbar.

Meanwhile, the multi-window feature works seamlessly; it even allows you to resize and move app windows. However, the split screen feature displays on the phone’s screen rather than the external display, and the maximize and minimize buttons for windows don’t work.

It looks like an internal experiment run by Samsung, and it may soon work seamlessly in the coming days by capturing more potential in the desktop mode for the Galaxy Z Flip series.

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Samsung Galaxy A13 getting One UI 6.1 update in Asian countries




Yesterday, Samsung rolled out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy A13 4G device, while earlier it had already served the update to the 5G units of the devices; however, the update was limited to the European units. Now, moving forward, the company has started getting new updates for the Asian countries.

Samsung has rolled out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy A13 4G device in several Asian countries, including Malaysia and India, and it is expected that the company will introduce the update to more devices. The latest update is coming with the firmware version numbers A135FXXU7EXF2 and A135FXXU7EXF1, for India and Malaysia, respectively. It is also worth noting that the update also brings a June 2024 security patch for the devices, which will enhance the overall security of the devices.

The One UI 6.1 update has brought several new features and enhancements to the existing features. For instance, you will get several new customization options under the different heads, including wallpaper editing, alarm alerts, calendars, reminders, and many more. 

Along with this, the update will also enhance device connectivity and sharing capabilities, like the Quick Share integration with nearby Share, which will give Galaxy users the ease to share content on any Android device. Now,  it has grabbed a new application called Samsung Find, which will allow users to track their device’s real-time location. Similar to these, there are many new features that have arrived. If you want to explore all of them, then you can visit this article.

If you are using the Galaxy A13 4G in any of the of the above-mentioned countries or any other Asian country, then you can check the update by simply following these steps: First, go to the system settings, then tap on the software update option. Here, here touch the download and install option. If it shows a new update available, tap on the download button.

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Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE gets One UI 6.1 update in Europe




Last month, Samsung rolled out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy A13 in Europe, but at that time, the update was limited to the 5G variant. Now, the company has started rolling out the update for the 4G variants in Europe.

Samsung A13 LTE Receives One UI 6.1 update

Samsung has rolled out the One UI 6.1 update for the Galaxy A13 LTE in Europe with the firmware version number A137FXXU5EXE3. It is worth noticing that the company is still using the May 2024 security patch update with the latest update. The One UI 6.1 update will provide several new improvements that allow users to use many new features.

One UI 6.1 features

Samsung has introduced several useful features and improvements to the existing features. According to the official changelog, there are some new customization features arriving in different functions, including wallpaper, lock screen widgets, alarm alerts, calendar reminders, and many more.

Along with this, the company has also strengthened other aspects of smartphones, including security and privacy. Now that data protection is enhanced in the Samsung Cloud, it brings you past security sign-ins with passkeys.

Apart from these, the company also added some more minor but notable changes under the keyboard: voice input, weather widget, Finder, battery, and much more. If you want to enjoy all the features and update your drive to the latest version,

If you are using the Galaxy A13 4G in Europe, then you can check for the update with these simple steps: Go to the system settings, tap on the software update option, then touch the download and install button. If it shows a new update available, then tap on the download button. 

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