One UI 6 Makes Hotspot Sharing Easy and Secure with One-Time Passwords

Every mobile user knows the concept of OTP and the protection behind it, beginning with cash withdrawals, orders, etc. Samsung’s most recent interface upgrade, One UI 6.0, adds one-time passwords (OTP) for mobile hotspots. This move was not only for protection but also for the user’s convenience. By creating temporary passwords for their hotspots, users may increase the security of internet sharing when utilizing public Wi-Fi access points or briefing guests. Because an OTP is invalid after one use or a predetermined amount of time, it gives an enhanced degree of security and is generally used for verification.

The source, SamMobile (via 9to5Google), noticed and reported this upgrade. Samsung’s recent deployment of this technology in mobile hotspots guarantees that security is not jeopardized when internet access is shared. With the One UI 6 functionality, an OTP may be created that will immediately expire when the user ends the hotspot session, making it useless for further connections. When the users used to connect to hotspots through passwords, the next time they switched on their Wi-Fi for hotspots to the same users or public Wi-Fi, the connection occurred automatically.

But this scenario will not happen when they connect to hotspots through OTP. Although users may still use a predetermined password to access hotspots, they also have the option to set an OTP throughout that procedure. Every time you set it up, the Galaxy device will automatically generate a one-time password consisting of a combination of digits and symbols, making it a strong one. Also, users here will have the option to share the code via a QR code; this will be much easier than copying it.

What are accessible devices?

Currently, the flagships and foldable Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are made available to access this feature. However, we can expect this feature to be available widely across many Galaxy devices.

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