Galaxy S24’s AI Call Translation breaks barriers, works for everyone

Samsung gave us a sneak peek at AI-enabled capabilities coming to the Galaxy S24 series last month when it unveiled the Galaxy AI package and the Gauss AI model. The AI Live Translate Call feature, which lets you receive real-time translations during calls, is undoubtedly the best feature. Nikkei Asia has confirmed that AI Live Translate Call will initially support languages with “the most users,” such as Spanish and English. Nikkei Asia confirmed that Korean and Japanese will be included as additional languages later.

The report implies that non-Samsung phones will be able to utilize the new capability. This implies that the feature would continue to function even if the person on the other end of the call was not using a Samsung phone and you were using the Galaxy S24. Additionally, Samsung claims that this translation function will work even when conversing with someone who does not use a Samsung phone. This implies that when speaking with someone who owns a Galaxy device, people who own an iPhone, a Xiaomi phone, or any other brand of phone should still be able to take advantage of hearing translations. Even though it seems obvious, we’re relieved that Samsung isn’t arbitrarily restricting this feature to Galaxy phones only when making or receiving calls.

A number of fantastic AI capabilities, including picture creation, text tone modifications, wallpaper creation, and note summarization, were previously leaked in One UI 6.1. The official reveal in 2024 will have to wait until then to find out what more Samsung has planned. With its most anticipated lineup, the Galaxy S24 series will be hitting the markets on January 17, 2024.

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