Unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets January 2024 security update in the USA

Samsung has rolled out the January 2024 security patch update to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices; this time the update is hitting the unlocked units in the US, while previously it has already introduced the update in other countries as well, which belong to Europe. It indicates that the company is gradually expanding the update to include the remaining units of the devices.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Unlocked Receives January 2024 Update in the US

As of writing, the January 2024 security patch has been spotted on the unlocked units of Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices in the US. Users can easily identify the latest security patch update by the firmware version number F936U1UES3EWL9. It comes in a software package of 381.83 MB.

The January 2024 update is the latest security patch update, which doesn’t bring any new features for the devices but will bring some new security fixes that enhance the security strength of the devices. Sometimes it also brings some improvements for the functions, which indirectly enhance the performance and stability of the devices.

According to the official documentation, the latest update is coming with a total of 80 fixes that will address the known bugs and security vulnerability loopholes, which will provide you with more protection against newly identified malware and cyber attacks. So you should always keep your device up-to-date to stay protected.

If you are using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 unlocked units in the US, now you can check the firmware by going under the software update menu under system settings. If you don’t find the update yet, then you have to wait for the update; it will notify you via notification when it arrives on your device.

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