Samsung registers more trademarks related to wearables

The Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26 from Samsung is the most expected thing for gadget lovers as they can finally look out into the much-awaited foldable and smartwatches. Recent information has added extra excitement for the fans as Samsung registered the names of its upcoming brand-new gadgets, which are unknown in its nature. Galaxy One, Galaxy Pulse, and Galaxy Rhythm are the registered names. Earlier, the registered names by the company were Galaxy Index, Galaxy Insight, and Galaxy Circle.

Even though it has not been revealed what kind of gadget they are, it is highly expected to be wearables such as smart rings, necklaces, bracelets, and glasses. Several years ago, there have been rumors stating that the Galaxy One is the predecessor of the Galaxy Note and S series. The updated beta version of the Samsung Health App notifies a clue “support for rings,” which is expected that Galaxy Ring, rumored to offer fitness monitoring features just like Galaxy Watches, may finally come into effect.

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And the revelation of this registration application has made this statement strong to believe, and since it is revealed two weeks before the event, it is also expected to have a connection with these new gadgets. Maybe some introductory information about these new gadgets is expected to be revealed.

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Along with the names of the gadgets, the application holds a description relating to it,” software application for smart rings for tracking, gathering, monitoring, detecting, recognizing, malfunctioning, transmitting, managing and assessing biometric and physiological data, vital signs and personal health records, and for providing medical advice .”

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