AI-Powered Chats Arrive on WhatsApp with New Shortcut Button

WhatsApp has received many new changes in the past couple of months. Among these changes are several new convenient features that have revamped the application and enhanced its usability. If we take some examples, the developer team has introduced several new features like chat lockpasswordmulti-account, channel, etc. Moving forward, the company has started testing quick-access button-powered AI chats.

Meta is working hard to introduce more useful features to its commonly used application; this activeness is the result of competition from its rival Telegram. So just after a month of announcing the AI integration, the company has started taking some steps towards it.

The AI-powered chat button is designed to give users extra functionality; it will make it possible to provide proper assistance with daily activities. Users will now quickly access all the AI-powered chats in a dedicated tab without going to the contact list, which will significantly reduce the time and effort required to initiate the conversations. The icon is placed just above the chat tab, which will make it more convenient.

According to the information, the latest feature currently available for some specific group of users who have enrolled in the beta program of WhatsApp is version It is currently limited to Android device users. If you haven’t enrolled in the beta program and still want to try these features, then you can sideload the new beta update through an external source, APKMirror.

As far as the availability of the new feature is concerned for all users, currently there is no confirmation about it, but as per trend, it is expected that the company may provide the stable update to all Android users in the next couple of weeks.

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