Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A52 grab December 2023 update in the USA

Since the initial week of the month, the company has started rolling out the December 2023 update for the Galaxy devices. It has already distributed the update to Galaxy S23 series devices in the US for both locked and unlocked units. Moving forward, it has started rolling out the update for more devices, including the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy Note 20 series.

In a nutshell, at first sight, we got to know that there is nothing to be excited about; it is just a standard security update that brings several new patches that fix the security flaws of the devices internally. So if you install the latest update, you will not feel any change in the functioning of the device, but it ensures that you will get an updated definition of malware and other external threats so your device can easily fight against them.

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Moreover, going into details, the latest update will bring more than 60 patches that will enhance the overall security of the devices. There are 50 fixes that are included by Google to address bugs found in the Android OS, and 16 more fixes are added by Samsung that provide an extra layer of safety to Galaxy devices.

The December 2023 update is spotted on US Cellular and Verizon for the locked variants of the Galaxy Note 20 series and US cellular Galaxy A52 device, which carry the firmware version numbers N98*USQS6HWK1 and A526USQSCEWK3 respectively. It is worth noticing that the Galaxy A52 is eligible to get one major update, which will soon be available in the form of One UI 6 and Android 14. The Galaxy Note 20 has already reached the limit of major updates, but it will continue to receive some more security-related updates.

If you are also using the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A52 devices in the US, then you should update them to the latest version. To do that, you can simply go to the software update menu in the main system settings, then tap on the download and install option. Wait for some time until it checks for a new update; if it says a new update is available, then tap the download button.

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