Samsung Partners with Wallet Express to accept Mastercard Payments

By joining Mastercard’s new Wallet Express program, Samsung will make it simpler for UK banks and card issuers to provide their clients with the multifaceted mobile wallet solution that the tech giant offers. With the launch of Samsung Wallet last year, customers can now arrange digital keys, boarding tickets, identity cards, and more within a single app in addition to Samsung Pay. Issuers can offer this wallet to their clients by integrating Mastercard’s Wallet Express. Customers get more payment options as a result, including the use of Galaxy wearables.

With this partnership, banks and card issuers will have an easier method to increase the range of digital wallets they provide to customers in the UK, providing them with additional safe and simple ways to make payments. In order to give consumers a single application to manage their spending, digital keys, boarding passes, and identity cards, Samsung Wallet combined the mobile payment experiences of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass when it was first released in 2022.

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As per the announcement, more and more British consumers are using digital wallets to make payments both online and in-store. Mastercard intends to introduce two more versions of Wallet Express in 2024 for all European issuers, building on the program’s success. With Samsung Wallet, the project seeks to further streamline the process for issuers to enable and facilitate Samsung Pay. By initiating wallet onboarding programs for the target wallets, MasterCard will grant a participating issuer access to eligible Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) wallets established in the corresponding countries.

By strengthening the wallet’s integration, the collaboration may help level the playing field for Samsung in the tap-to-pay space in the wake of a lawsuit Apple was recently accused of suing to illegally monopolize the tap-to-play mobile wallet industry.

Teg Dosanjh, Vice President, Samsung Electronics Europe, commented: “We are excited to be joining Mastercard´s Wallet Express to give consumers more flexibility to make payments almost anywhere they need to. Millions of people already choose Samsung Wallet, and this partnership will give more people the opportunity to use the safe and secure Samsung Pay service on their Galaxy device.”.

Valerie Nowak, Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation, Mastercard Europe, commented: “We´re proud that Samsung is joining our Wallet Express program, which provides consumers with a broad range of choices.”It seamlessly integrates Samsung Wallet into their banking experience, allowing flexibility to decide how consumers make payments using their favorite Galaxy mobile and wearable devices.”.

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