One UI 5.0 Brings New Smart WiFi Feature

Earlier, the South Korean giant Samsung officially started the release of the One UI 5.0 beta for its Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones in limited markets (Germany, South Korea, and the United States).

Samsung’s proprietary interface aims to increase fluidity and consistency with the stock version of Android 13 by making changes to key UI elements such as the notification center, the permissions menu to be granted to apps, and much more. Needless to say, thanks to the availability of the beta, the One UI 5.0 is the focus of the attention of fans who are exploring its most hidden meanders these days in search of new features.

One UI 5.0 Smart WiFi Feature

In this sense, one user found an interesting feature – called Smart Wi-Fi – in Wi-Fi settings that would allow them to obtain more information about their network and adjust its use accordingly. You can find that option in Settings > Wi-Fi > Smart Wi-Fi.

The One UI 5.0’s function allows users to monitor the quality and reception of nearby networks as well as any potential signal dispersion. All are presented with the aid of a handy graph that provides the relevant information at a glance.

Such a function adds depth to smartphone operating system settings, which frequently commit the sin of superficiality in areas like those devoted to connectivity. Furthermore, until recently, accessing this information required using third-party programmes, many of which were, to put it bluntly, out-of-date and not at all safe, leading to difficulties with malware and other issues.

We are in the very early stages of the update to the One UI 5.0, which will bring with it Android 13, of which Samsung has yet to reveal all the details of the news present and officially announce the launch of the Beta program in all Carriers of the United States.