Samsung Smart Lock will re-arrive in Galaxy phones next week

Smart Lock is an Android feature that lets us set different options to keep our devices unlocked. It offers us three options On-Body Detection, Trusted Places, and Trusted Devices. With its help, we can keep our Phones or Tablets unlocked whenever we are near them, we can choose locations where we want them to stay unlocked, and we can also add Bluetooth devices that will keep them unlocked while they are connected.

However, several users have complained that their Galaxy devices aren’t showing the Smart Lock options in the list even though the Smart Lock functionality is still available on their devices. This issue really annoyed the users as they have to keep unlocking their devices with a PIN, Password, or Biometric (Fingerprint of Face). As per the company, the affected Galaxy devices are having this issue due to a bug. 

Thankfully, we no longer need to worry, as the company reacted to its users’ complaints. They said that the issue would soon be resolved, and the Smart Lock functionality would return to the Galaxy devices. Notably, the Korean firm will roll out a Google Play Services update to solve this issue, which will start to roll out by the next week. The good thing is Google Play Services will automatically be updated the moment they get the update. 

Informatively, once the Google Play Services are updated, the Smart Lock feature and its options will return to your Galaxy device and will start to be visible again. However, the update will arrive by the next week, so we should wait a little longer. Until then, you can try rebooting your Galaxy device, and it may temporarily solve this issue. 

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