Android Auto not working properly on Android 14

Android Auto is a well-known infotainment car accessory. It was designed by Google to provide convenience for drivers. The system has all the necessary things, like navigation, and it also supports voice assistance, which makes it easier to operate. However, it is not working as it should be and gets new problems with almost every update.

In fact, when users have installed Android 14 on their device, they start getting new issues with Android Auto. Several users have complained that the voice guidance is not working at the time of navigation, even if it has been activated correctly.

This issue is not limited to only Google Maps; it has also been gained with other applications like Spotify, which provides media contests for listening. It is worth noticing that this issue did not come before Android 14, so it is assumed that the reason for this issue may be related to the compatibility between Android Auto and the new Android version.

The issue is mainly reported by users who have Pixel smartphones, so it is unclear if the same issue is coming with other devices that are running on the Android 14 update, such as Samsung. There are multiple Galaxy devices that have received the Android 14-based One UI 6 beta updates.

However, as it seems to be an issue related to Android OS and Android Auto, it will be fixed with only a new software update. It is expected that Google will soon bring a new update to resolve the issue, as it is a matter of incompatibility, so a temporary solution is not available.

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