Gboard’s new stylus handwriting feature now available on Pixel and Samsung tablets

Those who own Gboard and have smartphones that can handle styluses are in luck because the app now supports handwriting with a stylus, which will increase efficiency when writing. The ability to write in handwriting on Android tablets is now available on Google’s Gboard. Handwritten writing may be made editable and removable by users using the new “Write in text fields” feature in the Gboard settings. The new functionality gives more editing functions in addition to the previously accessible handwritten keyboard.

Reports from customers whose Gboard software supports handwriting with a stylish style have been surfacing for a few hours now. The capability was first shown on a Google Pixel tablet in a little video that Android specialist Mishaal Rahman (via-9to5google) uploaded on his X platform. With the help of the “stylus handwriting” functionality, you may write with a stylus in Gboard text fields and have your writing converted to digital text. Moreover, you may combine words, create a new line, erase, insert, and choose using gestures.

The clipboard, emojis, translate, and other features may also be easily accessed via the floating toolbar. Check out the features by

  • Erase: To delete a letter, word, or phrase, use your stylus to scratch it out.
  • Choose: To select a letter, word, or phrase, draw a circle around it.
  • Insert: Draw a caret or arrow with your stylus where you want to add new text.
  • Join: To insert a space or combine the text before and after the space, draw a vertical line between the
  • New line: To move text to a new line, draw down and then left with your stylus.

As per recent reports, tablets running on Android 14 from Pixel and Samsung both have access to the stylish handwriting capability in the most recent Gboard beta version (13.7). Reportedly, it is said that the primary recognition function is precise and easy to use. The translation of words is instantly done by Gboard as they are written, streamlining the writing process.

A floating keyboard toolbar indicates the language you are now using is present, and this also provides quick access to Settings, Try the handwriting demo. Show the on-screen keyboard: Mini floating keyboard, Show clipboard, show translate, and language picker. Though it does allow third-party styluses, the Google Pixel Tablet oddly lacks an official one at this time.