Gboard gets a new toolbar option to provide manage Physical keyboard for Galaxy Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tablets come with the ability to use the physical keyboard. Now, to bring more utility, Gboard is offering some new options to take advantage of the physical keyboards. Whenever the keyboard is connected to the device, the Gboard will now show a new pill-shaped toolbar with some new options to enhance your experience.

As far as the new feature is concerned, there will be some new options available, such as a suggestion strip that was available with the virtual keyboard, as well as a button to shrink the toolbar to a vertical pin on the left or right edge of the display, which will allow you to locate it on the edges.

Inside the toolbar, there are some new features, like a new emoji picker that comes in a floating window. Users will also use the Gboard’s clipboard and translate feature from the overflow menu. To take advantage of quick actions, tap the show keyboard shortcuts option.

If you don’t want to see the toolbar, you can also disable it in the settings. To get all these new features, you just need to update the Gboard application to the latest version 13.6. You can easily do this by going to the Galaxy Play Store, searching for Gboard, and tapping on Update. If you haven’t received the update yet on the Play Store,  you can also sideload the suggested version from this link directly.

  1. Will my keyboard settings change after the update?

    No, the update will not make any changes to your previous settings.

  2. Will the new update bring some changes to the virtual keyboard as well?

    Well, there will be no direct changes to the virtual keyboard, but it is possible that some internal improvements may be made with the update.

  3. How do I switch from a Samsung keyboard to a Gboard?

    To use the Gboard on your Galaxy tablets, go to system settings, then tap on general management, then touch the keyboard list and default option. Here,  select the default keyboard, and then tap on the Gboard option.

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