Microsoft Teams to be available on Android Auto from February 2024

Nearly a year after Google’s I/O 2023 announcement, Microsoft teams will finally be available for Android Auto, an app that connects Android phones to the car’s current infotainment system, next month. This is in line with a Microsoft 365 roadmap that describes upcoming updates. A number of new applications, including the Weather Channel, Prime Video, Vivaldi, Zoom, and Webex, were added to the Android Auto update. It may seem strange to see video streaming and conferencing applications integrated into a car, but Android Auto’s display is now closer to a fully working tablet than it is to a conventional automobile.

Microsoft has set a release timetable for Teams for Android Auto, which was first brought to light by TechRadar about ten months after the app’s first launch. With the Teams update, users can now join meetings quickly from a calendar view, and there’s a new shortcut to call all of your speed dial contacts, Microsoft stated. The team upgrade will roll out starting in February. The upgrade appears to be coming in better line with the version that Apple CarPlay customers have been using since 2021, although the brief announcement did not provide us with many specifics regarding features.

Recent months have seen a significant increase in the number of automakers announcing that they have chosen to use Google’s platform for Android Auto and Android Automotive. The upgrade is slated to go out in February 2024, despite being marked as in-development, so users won’t have to wait too long to test it out. Following an upgrade to the new calendar review that allowed users to join the Microsoft Teams call using their iPhone while driving, the firm initially revealed about a year ago that users of Apple’s Carplay platform could join more calls and meetings.

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