Bill Gates using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device, gifted by Samsung Chairman

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung’s Galaxy Foldable devices are gaining worldwide popularity. Not only normal users but various business tycoons also prefer them. Recently, it has been found that the world-famous American business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, also uses one of Samsung’s foldable devices. The reason might be nothing but the utility of Galaxy Foldable. 

Recently during the Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, the businessman shared that he is currently using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device of Samsung, which was gifted by Samsung Chairman Lee Jae-Yong itself when Gates last visited Korea. Previously, some folks suggested that the business tycoon Gates is using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 device, which Gates now upgraded to its successor Galaxy Z Fold 4. 

Not only at present but also previously, it has been found that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device is highly demanded in the business field due to its fantastic features with a pocket-friendly size. Because it can be turned into a tablet or mini laptop and is easier to carry, many business leaders choose it over any other device. However, at that time, it has shown only in the figures, but now it has become clear in real aspects as well.

Notably, Microsoft and Samsung are in a partnership currently, because of which we can see many preloaded Microsoft applications in Galaxy smartphones. Additionally, the offering of free access to some Microsoft services in Galaxy devices, including phones and TVs, has also been seen in recent years. We can expect more from these two companies to offer, for hardening their copartnery in future. 

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