Samsung December 2023 Security Patch: These Galaxy devices have received it so far

Samsung has initiated the December 2023 security update with the Galaxy S23 devices. They gradually expanded it to more eligible Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A54, and many more. We will explore a whole list, but before that, let’s understand what a security update is and what you will get this time.

Security updates are a very common update in Android devices that provides several bug fixes that enhance the overall security of devices. These updates are released by Google and distributed among different OEMs so they can easily distribute them according to their requirements. However,  if we compare Galaxy devices with other Android devices, the Galaxy users are getting an advantage even in these updates because Samsung always adds some extra security patches that enhance the security of Galaxy devices exclusively.

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If we talk about the details of the December 2023 update, according to the official documentation, there are 66 patches introduced by them; 50 are included by Google, which are applied to every Galaxy device, and 16 are added by Samsung to exclusively provide fixes for the Galaxy devices. Moreover, in those 16 fixes, Samsung has fixed different functions, including buffer overflow, AR Emoji, KnoxCustom Service, bootloader, SmartManager, Knox Guard, and Contacts.

Samsung has released the December 2023 update for these devices