Samsung’s New One UI 5.0 Phone Call UI With Gradient Background

Samsung is the undisputed market leader in smartphones, and in recent years, the company has distinguished itself favourably for the rapidity with which software upgrades for its Android models have been made available.

Recently, there have been a number of updates on Samsung’s work on the initial releases of the One UI 5. The fifth edition of the One UI, which Samsung created to personalise Android, is the version that is based on Android 13.

Samsung is also developing the One UI 5.0 beta for Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A52s, which we had already reported.

Following the official announcement of the One UI 5 based on Android 13 for its Galaxy S22, it’s time to get a taste of it. In recent hours, an image has leaked online showing the new voice call interface designed by Samsung for its One UI 5.

The image in question can be found right below: this was taken from a survey that Samsung is reportedly held in South Korea, with which it intends to test the liking of two different, but very similar, versions of the user interface.

Both have a gradient background with a dominant color hue, corresponding to the dominant shade of the profile image associated with the calls. the two versions differ because in the first we find a white bar in the background, while in the second the gradient is full screen.

In short, we understand that Samsung is quite determined to introduce this new interface with a dominant color gradient for calls on the One UI 5, it is essentially undecided on whether or not to make the part where the caller’s name is placed clearly legible.

What we just saw should come for the One UI 5 dedicated to all Samsung users. For more details on the availability of the One UI 5 beta and how to install it, we suggest you refer to our in-depth analysis at this address.