Samsung June 2023 Update for Galaxy devices in the US

Samsung doesn’t follow any set of patterns to expand the security update to its Galaxy devices. The latest security update was initially pushed to Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the US. Then it expanded to other Galaxy devices. This time company has updated many devices in the US; in this article, we will cover all the devices which have received the update, but before it, lets us know about the update.

The latest update brings a new security patch in the form of a June 2023 security patch. There is no innovation included in the update, but still, it is an important iteration that provides some new security enhancements which improve the overall security of the devices. In detail, the latest security update includes over 60 fixes that are added by Google and Samsung both. 

List of Galaxy smartphones with 4 years of Major Android updates

Moreover, the update also includes some internal improvements for the functions of devices, Some times it may also include bug fixes that make your device experience better. Now let’s see which devices have received the update so far.

These Samsung Galaxy devices have received the update in the June 2023 update 

Due to carrier restrictions, Samsung sung devices are usually updated lately in the US; however, this time company has rapidly updated several devices. Here we have made a list of devices that have received the June 2023 update for the Galaxy devices on both locked and Unlocked variants. 

June 2023 update list for Carrier locked variants

June 2023 security update list ( Unlocked)

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